The International Summer Academy at SMCS is intended to give the students of St. Michael’s College School an opportunity to study in one of several international settings.

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As a response to the ever increasing pace of globalization and mobility, and in order to pay greater attention to the inherent advantages of an international setting, St. Michael’s College School is offering summer courses as an extension, and as a complement to the regular day school programme. In keeping with current school regulations, students may register for a summer course if they are in good academic and behavioural standing, achieving an acceptable grade in the pre-requisite course(s), and/or have the recommendation of the Director of the International Summer Academy.

For years, school led international study remained the domain of the university. In an effort to expand the university preparation which takes place on campus, St. Michael’s now offers summer courses in French, Italian, International Business and World Politics. Language courses will be offered at the Grade 11 level, and in keeping with school regulations, International Business and World Politics, courses not offered during the day school programme, will be offered at the Grade 12 level.

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Students registered at St. Michael’s will be granted permission to take part in the international summer programme if they meet course prerequisites. Students not attending St. Michael’s College School may be considered for participation in the programme.

The Summer Academy is therefore intended for young men filled with academic curiosity who wish to explore beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. They will receive the opportunity to expand their intellectual and cultural horizons. Students will gain an opportunity to study in historically significant centres, international in nature, and culturally stimulating. All programming is intended to prepare students, in the traditional St. Michael’s College School fashion, for future study in their chosen field.






Programme Director:
Mr. Giancarlo Mazzanti
416-653-3180 ext. 231