Return to Learn

Group of Students in Reading in the Learning Centre Seating Area

In Fall 2011, the Learning Enrichment Centre piloted an innovative programme to support students who have suffered a concussion. 'Return to Learn' is designed to support students who must make a graduated return to school after the cognitive changes that they experience from a concussion. While 'Return to Play' is a familiar step by step procedure that follows concussion recovery towards a return to sport, there were no programmes, except at St. Michael's, that addressed the classroom and academic needs for students post concussion. The Learning Enrichment Centre coordinates communication about student progress and needs to teaching faculty, medical professionals, parents and administration. This unique programme was featured in the Globe and Mail and CBC Radio and Television. Its progressive strategy has drawn international interest.

The Return to Learn programme helped me be able to return to school with the right amount of balance of class work and rest from my head, while still maintaining my school work and gradually getting back into sports and the full course load when I felt comfortable too.

– Fraser Withers ’13

The Learning Centre here at St. Michael’s College School did an outstanding job of helping me recover from my concussion. They approach the concussion slowly, giving you enough time to recover, but not so much time that you’ll miss a lot of work.

– Adam Iacobucci ’13

Kept me relaxed and calm as I had a concussion because I didn’t have to worry too much about deadlines and tests because the Learning Centre took care of it for me by communicating with my teachers.

– Tanner Thomson ’14

I found that the Return to Learn programme helped me a lot. I was pretty forgetful and they were able to help me with my memory problems. They didn’t put pressure on me to get back before I recovered.

– Frank Carella ’15

The Return to Learn programme helped me by slowing things down and returning to the classroom at a good pace, which was really helpful.

– Joseph Pizzimenti ’13