Admission Requirements

  1. Completed application form, Part B (online or hard copy).
  2. Submission of report cards;
  • up to date and current reports from present academic year,
  • previous year's final report card(s), PLEASE NOTE: if your June 2016 report card only indicates that you have passed (or failed) your subjects, then submit a copy of your previous report card from 2016 (i.e. February or March report card) as well as a copy of your final report card from June 2016
  • final report card(s) from two academic years ago. 

For example, a candidate for Grade 9 will be asked to submit his up to date Grade 8 report card(s), his final Grade 7 report card(s), and his final Grade 6 report card(s).

3.  A completed Student Profile Sheet, Part C, to be completed by the candidate's present school and submitted to St. Michael's College School in confidence.  In the event that the present school or school board policy prohibits the completion of the Profile, please return the Profile to St. Michael's indicating that this is the case.

4.  For Grade 7, 8 and 9 candidates, the completion of the SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test; SSAT website, click here).  The results must be submitted to St. Michael's through the SSAT Board.  St. Michael's SSAT school code identification is 6800. For information about the SSAT and steps to register, click here.

Admission and Faith

The majority of candidates and admissions to St. Michael's are Roman Catholic. However, there are admissions from a number of other faiths. The Basilian Fathers see having a faith component to one's life as an essential part of the admission criteria.



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