Summary of Fees for 2017-18

Description Gr. 7   Gr. 8     Gr. 9 Gr. 10  Gr. 11 Gr. 12
$18,700 $18,700  $18,700  $18,700
$1,070 $1,070 $1,070  $1,070  $1,070
Graduation Fee
Retreat Fee

Outdoor Education Fee $775
  $775 $775   $775    
Total Fees $20,545
 $20,645 $20,545  $20,545  $19,870
Capital Improvement Fee
(one time charge per student upon entry

Textbooks, school supplies, transportation, meals, school uniform, etc., are not included in Fees.

From time to time there may be nominal costs associated with certain co-curricular activities like clubs and athletic teams.

Payment Options

Option A: Total payment of Fees; March 15 
Option B: Three installment payments of Fees; March 15, June 15, September 15
Option C: Nine installment payments of Fees; 15th of each month, March 15 to November 15 inclusive.

Payments may be made by cash, cheque, direct withdrawal or credit card. Post-dated cheques are accepted.

Student Fees Information

Tuition: Tuition fees at St. Michael's College School are adjusted each year to help meet the cost of operation. Fees can be collected from February to November. Students cannot enroll in September if tuition is in arrears or an alternate payment plan has not been approved by the Basilian Fathers through the Controller's Office.

Withdrawal Policy: In the event that a new or returning student withdraws from St. Michael's College School, the following monies will be refunded:

Withdrawal before June 15 - will be charged a fee equal to 20% of tuition ($3,740). 
Withdrawal between June 16 and July 15 - will be charged a fee equal to 40% of tuition ($7,480). 
Withdrawal after July 15 - will be charged the equivalent of total Student Fees.