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Welcome to the Alumni Association web page! 

Many of us branch out in different directions after we graduate, but we continue to work on many important projects together. Stay connected. Let us know where you are, what you are doing and how we can help each other.

 The Alumni Association works closely with the school administration to further the interests of the SMCS community. We help connect alumni with various events throughout the year, have a lot of fun reuniting, and assist the school with their fundraising efforts. We also provide guidance and mentoring to existing SMCS students whether it is speaking in their classrooms, one on one through the SMCS Mentorship Programme or casually at various school events. 

We want to hear from you. Tell us a little about yourself. Share your knowledge and ideas. In the top right hand corner of this page you will find a link to Registering is quick and easy. Click on it and you'll be taken to a page where you can sign up as an alumnus or update your existing profile.  That way you'll be sure to receive information on all SMCS events.

Looking forward to meeting you and may we continue to find ways to inspire one another.

God bless, 

Frank DiNino ’80

St. Michael’s College School Alumni Association Board 2015-2017


President Frank Di Nino '80  
1st Vice President    John P. O'Neill '86  
2nd Vice President  Rick Naranowicz ‘73 416-710-2827
Past President Marc Montemurro '93  
Events Coordinator Matt Montemurro '05


Jason Annible '93 416-865-7912
Cole Braithwaite '06    
Chris Bingham '83  
Marco Ciarlariello '09  
Ron Clarkin '75 416-899-1544 
Josh Colle '92  
Gavin Davidson '93  
Ryan DeLaurentis '04 416-556-9221
Massimo DeSimone '04    
Rui de Sousa '88  
Domenic Di Carlo '09 416-710-7358
David Di Gregorio '03  647-883-5769
Dante Di Iulio '05 416-902-9145
Tom Fabian '06  
Daniel Farlow '98  416-660-7865
Alessandro Finateri '10               
Alex Frescura '92    
Adam Grossi '03       
Chris Jones '99    
Kelleher Lynch '05  
Michael Marcon '94    
Romeo Milano '80 905-624-2722 Ext 224
Dominic Montemurro '78  
Joseph Norkus '72  
Michael Panno '09 647-463-5850 
Chris Paolini '09  
Pedro Pessoa '09
Dusan Petkovic '05  
Paul Santi '99  
Ron Scarafile '05  416-795-5870
Humbert Sin '12  
Rambert Sin '15  
Brandon Sousa '07  
Chris Sullivan '04  
Paul Thomson '65  

Association Meetings

The St. Michael's Alumni Association meets regularly throughout the year in the Alumni Lounge located in the Arena and all St. Michael's alumni are welcome to attend.

Please visit to view the upcoming agenda and past minutes.


Nov 21

Alumni Association Meeting

6:00 PM - 8:00 PMSMCS Alumni Lounge
Feb 20

Alumni Association Meeting

6:00 PM - 8:00 PMSMCS Alumni Lounge
Apr 17

Alumni Association Meeting

6:00 PM - 8:00 PMSMCS Alumni Lounge
Jun 19

Alumni Association Meeting

6:00 PM - 8:00 PMSMCS Alumni Lounge