Fr. May C.S.B. and Andrew Harvey '11 at the Spring BBQ

St. Michael’s College School has alumni living all over the world and we have had a great number of alumni show interest in meeting with alumni that reside in the same area. We would like to thank the alumni who have volunteered to be Alumni Chapter Contacts in the various cities, provinces/states and countries.

If you would like to become a Chapter Contact where you live, please contact Stephanie Nicholls, Advancement Officer, Alumni and Special Events, at: 416-653-3180 ext. 273 or

Please feel free to contact any of the below alumni if you live in or are planning to visit the area:

Canadian and American Chapters


Michael Levine '03
Sean Kavanaugh '03
Chris Bingham '83 416-424-4231


John McCusker ’57  613-825-9844


Vito Culmone ’83 403-750-4569     

British Columbia

Harold Moffatt '52 604-466-9229
Paul Halligan '56 604-936-0031


Chicago, Illinois

Jim Reath '90 312-596-3132


Gene Fritsch '70 909 -986-4737

New York, NY

International Chapters

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Paul Greven '90

London, UK

Jack Czarnota '86 44-7867-780-909
Robert Lepone '87 44-7769-671-028
Stephen Fullan '87 01932-429-578

Eastern Europe

Roman Tatarsky '90 +380672454104


Gavin Devane '96 +61416179134

University Chapters