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SMCS Fall Drama
SMCS Fall Drama

The SMCS Fall Drama Production of Ted Baker's 'Count Dracula' was drawn from Bram Stoker's classic gothic novel, 'Dracula.' This particular adaptation managed to capture the essence of the literary classic, sprinkled with a dash of "biting" humour and levity.

The cast of Isaac Kuk (Dracula), Davide Sallese (Van Helsing), Adam Bulicz (Dr. Seward), Marko Begic (Jonathan Harker), Ng'ang'a Mutura (Renfield), Marco Sconza (Wesley), Kathleen Hart (Mina), Cassandra Lacovelli & Grace Cameron (Sybil) and Anastasia Messina (Ms. Hennessey) brought the script to life as our stage crew dazzled the audience with special effect after special effect. It was one of the more visually stunning productions the Drama Department has ever created; thanks to the scenic designs of alumni Matthew Gyulay '84 and Paul Gyulay '79 and the costume wizardry of Jadranka Mandic.

Directors Mr. Oatt, Mr. Carcasole and Fr. May, CSB would like to thank the SMCS theatre staff Mr. Bogie (Technical Director) and Mr. Cline (Theatre Manager) for making this amazing production and stage effects possible!

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