New Staff Announcements

Meet our new and newly appointed staff and faculty members joining the St. Michael's College School community in September 2020.

Director of Student Affairs

John Connelly, Director of Student Affairs at SMCS
John Connelly

Guidance Counsellor Kevin Shaughnessy, Guidance Counsellor at SMCS
Kevin Shaughnessy '00
Head Librarian Caroline Freibauer, Head Librarian at SMCS.
Caroline Freibauer
French Teacher Caitlin Gaffney, French teacher at SMCS
Caitlin Gaffney
English Teacher Vanessa Iaboni, English teacher at SMCS
Vanessa Iaboni
Core Intermediate Teacher Alexander Zappone, Core Intermediate teacher at SMCS.
Alexander Zappone
Safe Officer Kaion Julien-Grant '14, Safe Officer at SMCS
Kaion Julien-Grant '14
School Nurse Natalie Hnidec, School Nurse at St. Michael's College School
Natalie Hnidec

Administrative Assistant

Jennissa Chan