Fr. John Murphy, C.S.B. †

* Teacher * Founder of “Out of the Cold” * Chaplain

Fr. Murphy was a graduate of Catholic Central High School in Detroit. After high school, he joined the Basilian Fathers and was ordained August 11, 1973. He joined the staff at St. Michael's College School in 1984. He taught Religious Studies and was the Moderator of the Public Speaking Club. Fathers' solicitude for the poor led to the establishment of the "Out of the Cold" Refuge along with Sister Susan Moran and the students of St. Michael's. During his 10-year appointment at St. Michael's, he served as full-time Chaplain and Moderator of the Sodality, Meals on Wheels, Students for Life, Catechists Club, Saints Project and Good Shepherd refuge Volunteers. Fr. Murphy loved and cared for St. Michael's and it is with pride that we placed his name in the Order of St. Michael.

Fr. John Murphy, C.S.B. † - Order of St. Michael Member