Why All Boys?

As a Catholic school for boys, St. Michael’s College School believes that there are unique educational opportunities available to young men through single-sex education including the opportunities to develop strong fraternal relationships and a positive sense of self-worth.

Our programme is tailored to meet the developmental needs of boys. The curriculum, including our Outdoor Education Programme, is taught in a manner that is engaging to young men. In the classroom, boys gain confidence in their ability to learn, by participating as active learners in the classroom in all subject areas as supported by gender research.

In addition, the faculty at St. Michael’s is committed to the advantages of an all-boys school. They are here because they are skilled at and have a passion for educating young men. Our teaching and support staff are positive role models for the students and work daily to guide students through the unique challenges boys face as they develop into young men. Many of our alumni continue to keep in touch with the teachers who inspired or challenged them during their time at St. Michael’s. Nearly half of the teaching faculty are also graduates of the College School.

Our Catholic programme, under the direction of the Basilian Fathers in a single sex environment, is structured to provide them with a unique opportunity and guidance to explore and mature in their faith.

Students develop strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie with their peers that will last a lifetime. Friendships thrive in an all-male environment where they are not competing with one another for girls’ attention. The all-boy setting at St. Michael’s creates a space for “boys to be boys” where they can grow at their own pace, and be inspired to reach their potential.

The school environment promotes self-expression where boys are free to pursue activities that interest them without traditional peer pressure. St. Michael’s provides an exciting and safe learning environment that encourages its students to participate in all areas of school life, offering over 40 clubs and activities in addition to its arts and athletic programmes.

St. Michael’s offers a diverse Arts programme that includes drama, musical theatre, media arts, music and visual arts. Our students are often far more involved in these programmes than they would be at a coed school. The arts are strongly promoted as a key component to the development of a well-rounded young man.

The athletic programme at St. Michael’s is open to all students, not just those who are naturally gifted. It offers a wide spectrum of sports where students can get involved at the varsity level or through intramurals. In addition, students can participate in activities they may not have had the opportunity to try elsewhere like snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing or archery.

Our students graduate as “St. Michael’s Men” who are confident in their abilities, ready to pursue their passions and prepared to become leaders in our community. Most importantly, they will be responsible citizens who recognize the need for social justice and respect the dignity of every person.