Bursary Assistance

Approximately $2 million in bursary assistance is awarded annually to the new and existing families of St. Michael's. This is only possible through the generosity of the Basilian Fathers, parents, alumni, friends, trusts, and corporations that have established bursary funds at St. Michael's College School. We thank them for their ongoing support and commitment to our mission.

SMCS student writing in a notebook in class.

St. Michael's College School offers a generous bursary programme for those requiring financial assistance with tuition and incidentals. Rarely are full bursaries awarded as there is an expectation that families applying will bear some financial responsibility towards their son's education.

New families requiring bursary assistance must apply by the application deadline to be eligible for funds in our first wave of admission decisions. Please note, the maximum bursary awarded for a student in Grade 7 or 8 is 50% of tuition fees. Please visit the link below to apply for assistance through the Apple Financial Company.

St. Michael’s Bursary Programme offers financial assistance to those who require help to offset the cost of tuition and in some cases incidentals. The Programme is based on the financial need of the candidate's family and operates through the Apple Financial Corporation’s FACS (Financial Aid for students attending Canadian Schools) Programme in conjunction with the St. Michael’s College School Bursary Committee. Families must re-apply for bursary assistance on an annual basis.

It is the expectation of St. Michael's that families will bear some financial responsibility towards their son's education. Please note that all decisions made by the Bursary Committee are final.

Please visit Apple Financial Services' website to complete a Bursary Application.

Please direct all online application questions to Apple Financial Corporation. Applications for bursary assistance should be made by the application deadline. New families must apply for bursary assistance at the same time as they apply for admission. Value notifications are sent with admission offers.

Funds are limited, so please submit early and give yourself time to complete the financial assistance application and have the proper documents ready.

For general information on bursaries please contact Mrs. Kim Celotti at 416-653-3180 ext. 500 or via email at celotti@smcsmail.com.