Alumni Association

The Alumni Affairs Office, under the guidance of the Advancement Department at St. Michael’s College School, is committed to cultivating and fostering lifelong relationships between alumni, the School, and most importantly each other. The Alumni Affairs Office manages events, circulates alumni news, and offers benefits such as the online Alumni Business Directory and Incentive Programme.

The Alumni Association has over 10,000 members worldwide, including educators, business people, doctors, scientists, politicians, musicians, artists, and athletes. The Alumni Association works to support our graduates and the School through a variety of initiatives, and to keep alumni up-to-date with the school and fellow classmates through our bi-annual alumni magazine, quarterly e-newsletters, emails, and web and social media interactions.

Alumni are regularly invited back to school community events for the sole purpose of continuing to build relationships with each other and with the School. Alumni are encouraged to reunite on campus through a diverse number of events, including Homecoming, Turkey Roll and Reunion, Spring Reunion and Barbeque, class reunions and annual dinners, sport and club reunions, golf tournaments, the alumni old-timers’ hockey league, and more.

The Alumni Association has hosted a number of successful mentorship events, including the inaugural Archangel’s Den which provides young alumni entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of six judges, four of whom were alumni. Winners receive a total of $15,000 in prize money to assist in moving their business ideas forward. Other events include career mentoring for university students and SMCS alumni, and general networking events where alumni network with others in similar fields of pursuit.

The alumni mentorship programme at St. Michael’s connects alumni of all ages and offers the opportunity to discuss important educational and career-related questions with university students and professionals. The purpose of this initiative is to set the foundation of mentorship for life.

In addition to alumni to alumni mentorship, alumni are also invited to participate in the annual Career Day when a wide range of alumni share their academic, professional, and life experiences with Grade 11 students for the purpose of helping current students to explore different paths taken by alumni in a variety of professions. As part of this programme, Grade 12 homerooms welcome Alumni Association members into their classes to learn about the value of the association and the importance of staying connected to St. Michael’s College School after graduation.

Our alumni are a vital component of the St. Michael’s College School community. They are an important part of the tradition and future of St. Michael’s College School. Alumni further the Mission and Vision learned while they attended St. Michael’s College School by setting examples for current students by giving back to the school community, charity outreach, their education and career choices, and by being an inspiring presence around our campus.

SMCS Alumni Association Board 2018-2021

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