Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers for the 2019 Archangel’s Den Alumni Entrepreneur Contest are Denise Wild and Roland Acheampong, who together are taking sewing education in North America to new heights!

Denise is a TV host, author, magazine editor and entrepreneur --- starting up and running North America’s largest sewing school for a decade before selling it. She co-founded a mentorship-based company that, each week, teaches thousands of elementary school-age children how to sew. She is a spokesperson and brand representative for many companies, and appears regularly on a variety of television shows as a lifestyle expert.

Roland is an executive manager, sales director, all-Canadian athlete and entrepreneur. He has had executive roles at IBM, Rogers Media, OMNI Television, CTV, TSN, and Warren Buffett's Business Wire. 

As an entrepreneur, Roland has co-founded an international real estate and trade corporation, a children's after-school sports and mentorship organization, and a sewing company that enters schools across the Greater Toronto Area educating students on mindfulness, confidence, inclusion, and equity.