Pitch Submission

What to include (but not limited) in your pitch submission:

Theme: Positive impact on the world.

•    Cover Page - business name and a tagline, an insight into the company and relevant contact information
•     Summary – overall outline of what your company is or will do the opportunity to get interested in your company
•     Team – who is part of your team, what is your personal background, and how does it relate to your company. Highlight any of your team's success
•    Problem - explain the problem your concept is going to solve. Further, you need to demonstrate why investors should care about solving the problems with your product or service
•    Solution - solve the problem you just mentioned. If you have a demo of your product, this is the time to show it. Include any case studies to show that your product has worked for existing customers
•    Marketing/Sales - market size for your product. This can include profiles of target customers, but be prepared to answer questions about the cost of acquiring these customers
•    Projections and Milestones - It can be difficult to create financial projections for a Startup. If you don’t have a long financial history, your forecast is really just an educated guess. Instead, you should present the milestones that you've already reached and those you plan to reach
•    Competition - List your competition and indicate why your product/service is different
•    Business Model - Show a list of the various revenue streams for your model and the timeline associated with each of them. What is the lifetime value of your customer and how you will keep them engaged
•    Financing - If you have already raised money, you will want to talk about how much, who invested and what you did with the investment. If you have not raised money yet, talk about what you have accomplished with minimal funding. If you have personally funded your Startup, make it known. Include a plan of what will be done with the prize money if you were to win.