Evans Tannis Alumni Soccer Showdown

On Saturday, May 12, more than 80 St. Michael’s alumni and friends took to the Eugene Melnyk Sports Field to compete for the fourth annual Evans Tannis Alumni Soccer Showdown chaired by John Paul Di Giulio '02, Paul Marchese '03, and Salah Rawdat '08. The tournament consisted of eight teams, captained by Gordon Dri '11, Paul Marchese '03, Sal Rawdat '08, Matthew Reis '05, Jacob Robbins '15, Miko Romano, Pat Quinn '03, and Christopher Valela '12. The tournament ended with the teams enjoying lunch prepared by Paul Di Iulio '69 and catching up with fellow alumni and friends. This tournament had its genesis in the late 1960s, when a group of St. Michael’s students decided it was time for a soccer team. After a year of trying, the team played its first tournament in 1967. However wasn’t until Mr. Evans Tannis began teaching at St. Mike’s in 1968, that the team found a coach. Mr. Tannis has since passed away and in an effort to honour him and promote soccer among alumni, Dante Di Iulio ’05 and David Di Gregorio ’03 decided to organize the inaugural Evans Tannis Alumni Soccer Showdown with all funds going towards the St. Michael's Varsity Azzurri soccer team.