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In early 2000, St. Michael’s was approached and asked to help communicate the intention of a Class Challenge to collect donations and establish a legacy Class Bursary. With just a phone call and an intention, this initiative was born.  

All funds donated to a Class Bursary are invested in perpetuity and the interest gained is awarded to a student(s) once the minimum amount of $25,000 is reached.

As the Bursary principal grows, so will the amount awarded, either by allocating additional funds to the selected student or by awarding funds to multiple students at the consultation of the specific class and/or its representative, and based on the criteria set out for the specific Class Bursary.

How Advancement can help:

 Create a custom donation page to track donations to the Class Bursary.
 Send a Class specific email/mailing to fellow classmates.
 Help coordinate meetings/discussions/events to promote the Bursary. 
 Provide tax receipts for all donations over $25.

For more information, please contact Kimberley Bailey, Director of Advancement, 416-653-3180 Ext 118,

Class Challenges Currently in Progress

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Established Class Bursaries

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