Spiritual Life

Our Catholic tradition of faith and community engagement is the foundation of life at St. Michael’s College School. It comes to life every day through the community of the Basilian Fathers.

You will also see it in the lives of our students who work together to create an environment where hard work pays off, where new and inspiring paths are discovered, where time-honoured traditions are part of life, and where new traditions are created all the time.

Spirituality is an integral component of life at St. Michael’s College School. Our Catholic, Liberal Arts education helps students discover that being a human fully alive includes being in a good relationship with God and with one’s neighbour.

Students have several opportunities to practice their faith at St. Michael’s through morning prayer, daily celebrations of the Eucharist, and other sacramental gatherings. All-school Masses, school retreats, and spirit assemblies further the spiritual growth of our community. There are also opportunities for individual spiritual direction and counselling through the Office of Spiritual Life.

Each student at St. Michael’s College School takes a Theology course every year. Theology prepares the student to understand and embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ, to live a complete Christian life, and to grapple meaningfully with many of the questions our modern world poses.

Faith and spirituality flow from the consistent practice of goodness, discipline, and knowledge. Through the many opportunities to encounter the Lord Jesus at St. Michael's College School, we cultivate in our students the strong Catholic values of faith, character, and service for today’s world.