SickKids CALIPER Initiative

SickKids CALIPER Initiative

St. Michael's College School is pleased to announce their involvement with Caliper.

Caliper is a national health care initiative, lead by The hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) with the purpose of improving the diagnosis and treatment of children with medical concerns.

Caliper is working to create an up-to-date database of normal blood values that represent children in Canada. The care of children with medical concerns depends on the correct understanding of their clinical test results, which relies on comparison to normal values obtained from healthy children. Please click here for a brief introductory video.

This past week, several SMCS Grade 12 Biology students visited the Caliper Centre at SickKids and were able to experience the research lab and talk to the doctors. On

Thursday, October 19, Caliper will be at St. Michael's College School. Please click here for participation forms and additional information on this initiative.

St. Michael's College School is looking forward to a strong showing from the student body and community for this worthy cause.