Academic Programme

St. Michael’s provides a liberal arts education for young men from Grade 7 through to Grade 12. With virtually a 100% graduation rate, almost all of our graduates attend the university of their choice. Over 50% of our graduating class is designated as Ontario Scholars having an 80% academic average, or better, in their graduating year. A further distinction is awarded to 25% of our student body which maintains an academic average of 80% or better over their St. Michael’s high school career. These students are inducted as honoured members of the St. Thomas More Society recognizing their academic excellence. In addition, each year a number of St. Michael’s graduating students receives academic scholarships from Canadian and American universities

St. Michael’s offers an extensive outdoor education programme through which students have an opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain an appreciation of the outdoors, and learn about each other. These out-of-classroom experiences help students develop a sense of community spirit.

St. Michael's College School students conducting an experiment in science class.

Liberal Arts Catholic Education

Preparing for university success with a challenging and diverse curriculum St. Michael’s College School provides a modern, Liberal Arts, Catholic education for young men in Grades 7-12.

The focus of a Liberal Arts education is to liberate the mind and to prepare students to be independent and critical thinkers who embrace the diverse challenges of today’s world. Throughout their time at St. Michael’s College School, students are encouraged to take a wide breadth of courses in the humanities, mathematics, and sciences, thereby preparing them for further studies and future careers.

St. Michael's College School infographic showing stats about the school

The Grades 7-8 intermediate programme prepares students academically for our university preparatory high school curriculum. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for the young men to transition socially into the high school setting seamlessly. Grades 7-8 students participate in a digitally integrated programme that develops 21st-century learning skills, which complement the intermediate curriculum. The Grades 9-12 academic programme provides a Liberal Arts education for university-bound students. All courses are taught at the academic level in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training Guidelines.

St. Michael’s College School offers an extensive outdoor experiential education programme through which students develop leadership skills, gain an appreciation for the outdoors, and learn about each other. These out-of-classroom experiences help our students to forge the bonds of brotherhood and develop a deeper sense of community spirit.

During a student’s tenure at St. Michael’s College School, there is an expectation that he will complete community service hours. The Ministry of Education requires 40 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. Moreover, our students are required to fulfill additional Christian service hours through the Grade 11 service day and the Grade 12 Christian service programme.

St. Michael's College School student in class listening to a lecture.