Student Code of Conduct


A St. Michael's College School student in class.

St. Michael’s College School code for student behaviour is summed up in its motto: “Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge.” This motto, places goodness and discipline ahead of knowledge, a ranking that is not always understood. A wisdom higher than our own, however, is saying that goodness and discipline are indispensable prerequisites if the search for knowledge is worthwhile.

It is important that goodness and discipline become a way of life for our boys. Student behaviour at St. Michael’s College School is expected to be courteous and respectful at all times. Our aim is to create in the school a mature and orderly environment of mutual respect in which each student may realize his full potential.

The school’s regulations and rules are ways of working towards this aim. The administration of the school will fairly implement the rules and regulations. At all times our approach will be oriented towards the physical, intellectual and spiritual improvement of the students.

The following have been deemed as serious offences for the purposes of this particular code of behaviour: truancy, opposition to authority, persistent neglect of duty, the use of improper and profane language, the use or selling of alcohol or other mind-altering substances, wilful destruction of school property and conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school or to the physical and mental well-being of others in the school. Should a student persist in these forms of behaviour, a suspension or expulsion from St. Michael’s College School may result. The school will inform parents of these offences and consequences.

School Policies and Expectations


In case of absence, a student’s parent or guardian is expected to call the school at 416-653-3180 ext. 370 between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. to inform the office. When returning to school after having been absent, the student must report to the Attendance Office before 8:15 a.m. to obtain an admit-to-class slip. At this time the student must present a note from a parent or guardian indicating the reason for and length of his absence. Students must allow at least 15 minutes to receive an admit-to-class note. Getting a note from the Attendance Office will not be an acceptable reason for being late for class at any time.

Students who wish to leave school before normal dismissal time must report to the Attendance Office to seek permission to do so before 8:15 a.m. Medical or personal appointments should not be made during school hours. Students who leave school without signing out are considered to have skipped and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.

St. Michael's College School students in class taking notes.

Regular attendance is essential for academic success. Parents will be informed by letter and/or telephone regarding unacceptable accumulation of absences and lates. Furthermore, skipping classes is seen as a very serious offence that will jeopardize the student’s position at St. Michael’s College School.

The Attendance Office must be informed when a student is left in the care of the legal guardian as indicated in the student’s personal information file.


Our holiday schedule is generous. St. Michael’s does not welcome requests for extensions of holidays. These types of absences seriously undermine the academic progress of a class as well as the sense of priorities and discipline. Parents are advised of the year’s calendar dates and are asked to plan family travel within this framework.

Late Policy

Classes commence daily at 8:30 a.m. Students should be in their homerooms by 8:20 a.m. Chronic inability or unwillingness to arrive at school or class on time will be viewed as a serious offence. Students who arrive at school after period one must report to the Attendance Office before attending any class. All other lates will be dealt with by the classroom teachers.

All schools endeavour to teach the importance of punctuality to their students. St. Michael’s College School is no different. In fact, we are obliged to be even more diligent in this area because of the distances our students must travel and the possible problems that ensue. Therefore, it is important that students arrive at school on time.

The following policy will be enforced.

5 lates per term:

  • detention for every late thereafter
  • parents notified

10-12 lates during the year:

  • Saturday detention
  • parents notified

13 or more lates during the year:

  • suspension and parents called in for an interview to explore remedies in detail

Students should also be made to realize that “notes from home” do not and cannot explain attendance situations that are clearly out of control.

Dress and Grooming Code

School dress consists of a traditional navy blue blazer with school crest, plain grey dress trousers, white dress shirt with school tie, a black belt, dress socks and black dress shoes. Except for the blazer and shoes, this standard is to be observed to and from school. Students are advised to have two pairs of plain grey dress trousers so that the uniform worn to school will always be clean and properly maintained. In designated warm weather periods, early fall and late spring, the blazer, dress shirt and tie may be replaced with a white or blue crested St. Michael’s College School golf shirt. The rest of the uniform remains the same.

Students are expected to be clean and neat in general appearance. This includes hair that is clean and neatly combed or brushed. As a sign of respect, headwear is not to be worn in St. Michael’s College School. Students must be clean shaven. Ear, facial or oral piercing is also not appropriate for the St. Michael’s College School uniform and is deemed to be unacceptable. Moderation should be shown in hair length. Any form of dyed hair will be considered inappropriate in view of the overall intentions of these regulations and the expressed goals of the school with regards to nurturing mature, responsible and socially acceptable behaviour in all students attending St. Michael’s College School. Shaved heads or ponytails are not acceptable at any time. The school reserves the right to determine what is acceptable in this area and may send students home to address the issue if they do not comply with uniform code.

The overall appearance of the students is an important contributing factor to good order and appropriate atmosphere at St. Michael’s.

Plagiarism and Cheating

It is the responsibility of the faculty to ensure that students are taught the proper use of original and secondary sources in their essay writing and general work. At the same time, students must realize that using the work of others without acknowledgement is a serious academic offence. As a result, a zero will be given for the assignment and a meeting with administration will follow. A first incident involving plagiarism may result in a suspension and may jeopardize the course credit and the student’s position at St. Michael’s. Cheating, or attempting to gain an unfair advantage on tests, exams and assignments, will be treated in the same manner.

Late Assignment Policy

Should a student fail to turn in an assignment by the due date, one or more of the following will take place:
  • a meeting between student and teacher to clarify the reason for a late submission, which will include an agreement regarding the timely submission of the assignment.
  • a conversation between the teacher and parent(s) to ensure they are aware of the issue.
  • if the assignment has not been submitted by the agreed upon dates after these measures, then a deduction of marks will follow as a last resort.