Philosophy on Athletics

Consistent with the philosophy of the Basilian tradition, St. Michael’s believes that students should experience athletics as an integral part of a well-rounded education. Cardinal Flahiff, a Basilian priest, a renowned professor of History, and a Superior General of the Basilian Community, spoke and wrote about sport and education. He believed that humankind gave glory to God when every human talent was actualized.

Our athletics programme enables students to develop their talents and instils in them a sense of pride and commitment to the St. Michael’s community. We believe that through the life lessons learned on the athletic playing fields, sport helps to develop the Christian values that would be expected of a Catholic gentleman.

St. Michael’s College School has a long and storied tradition of success in athletics. Our goal is to provide as many students as possible with the opportunity to participate in our diverse athletics programme during their time at the school.

Our membership in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletics Association (CISAA), gives our student-athletes several opportunities to grow to their full potential. St. Michael’s also offers several opportunities for students to compete in the sport of their choice at the intramural level. Each St. Michael’s student is encouraged to participate in the athletics programme at either the varsity or intramural level.