School Clubs & Activities

The Activities programme at St. Michael’s College School gives our students the chance to pique their interest and become involved in school life in a multitude of ways. We are fortunate to have faculty with a wide variety of interests. They are passionate about sharing their time and expertise by moderating activities. Over 60 clubs and activities - from Math to Chess to Debate - ensure that every student can enrich his educational experience with co-curricular involvement. In addition to traditional clubs and activities, we also feature boutique activities whereby students or staff members develop their own special interest activities.

SMCS School Clubs and Activities. Milk bag mat club students weaving mats after school.

Through our extensive Activities programme, students have the chance to explore, learn, develop new skills, build confidence, serve the community, share ideas and skill sets, make new friends, and have fun. Activities support academic, artistic, or athletic interests, develop communication and media skills, deepen cultural understandings, and help students to grow their leadership and service habits. Activities are available to students throughout the year, and they may join at any time.

Over the last few years, a number of our students have used their experience in the Activities programme to select post-secondary programmes and to seek out employment opportunities.

All of our activities at St. Michael’s College School are supervised and welcoming, and they encourage all our students to pursue safe and healthy endeavours that will create profound life lessons, good memories, and lasting friendships.