Community & Learning Partnerships

A school-wide initiative designed to enrich student learning and achievement by connecting the academic curriculum with real-world knowledge through meaningful partnerships with individuals and organizations.

The St. Michael’s College School Community & Learning Partnerships Programme facilitates Deep Learning (inquiry-based) by combining:

Experiential LearningIndependent StudyLearning Partnerships

Experiential Learning
The acquisition of knowledge through real-life experience, reflection and application.

Independent Study
Student learning through motivation and curiosity.

Learning Partnerships
The relationship between individuals learning from one another.


Deep Learning / Inquiry-based Learning

An approach to teaching and learning that uses the six C’s of 21st century global competency: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Character, Community, and Citizenship.

Experiential learning opportunities facilitated by Community & Learning Partnerships include those in the following professions: legal, healthcare, business, engineering, information technology, architecture, design thinking, among others.

Click on the image below for an overview of our programme:

SMCS Community & Learning Partnerships 2021-22 brochure cover


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John Walsh '73

John Walsh '73

Titles: Manager of Community & Learning Partnerships
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School: 416-653-3180 ext. 177