Odette Library

In addition to being one of the most popular places on campus, the Odette Library also provides access to an outstanding library service which prepares students to become information literate citizens in the global knowledge society of the 21st century.

In our vibrant teaching and learning commons, the library staff strives to ensure that students and faculty are effective users of information in a variety of contexts and formats. To accomplish this, we provide access to a broad range of curriculum-related materials for research and we guide individual students and whole classes through the research process, using both physical and virtual (online) resources. Collaboration with faculty ensures the relevance of the resources acquired, and an open-concept academic space with wireless Internet and computer access supports both individual study and group work. A small silent study room is also available for students.

The library’s rich learning environment is comprised of physical and virtual resources. The physical collection includes 14,000+ circulating books, as well as reference resources, magazines and a multimedia collection encompassing streaming media, DVDs, videos and CDs. The virtual library collection includes a stable of curriculum-related online databases and e-books, custom-designed LibGuide pathfinders to help students navigate relevant resources for specific assignments, and online support for the creation of bibliographic citations and papers that honour academic honesty. A partnership with the Toronto Public Library extends the range of resources available to the St. Mike’s community.

The library’s website is a portal to all research resources and the library catalog, including as well as information on our collection of Accelerated Reader titles, student book reviews, recommended reading lists and links to teen reading sites.The library hosts an annual Reading Olympics with students in Grades 7-10, which continues to grow in popularity as students vie for the title of Top Reader in their grade. Encouraging a life-long love of reading by connecting students with appropriate books, celebrating reading and conversing about the books our community is reading is one of the highlights of our day at the Odette Library.

But of course, creating information literate students and life-long readers requires more than a room, or universe full of excellent resources. It requires dedicated, skilled librarians and educators who can help students learn how to find, select, analyze and apply relevant information to research questions as well as expand their horizons by the books they choose to read.

Mrs. Sandy Gray - School Librarian
416 653 3180 ext. 220, gray@smcsmail.com

Mrs. Anita Zawadzki - Library Technician
416 653 3180 ext. 320, zawadzki@smcsmail.com

Ms. Margarita Lopez - Library Assistant
416 653 3180 ext. 457, lopez@smcsmail.com