Mentorship Programme

Students participating in the mentorship programme at SMCS

“People with knowledge and experience helping others gain confidence.”

John Walsh '73


The St. Michael’s College School Mentorship Programme was created to further support and enrich our students' learning journey.

It is designed to instill a sense of pride, tradition, and community in every student while he is at St. Michael’s College School, and is the basis for belonging to the school community for life.


Enhance the experience and knowledge base of our students through structured initiatives, interactions, and opportunities that:

Enable students to optimize their educational experiences, social growth, and confidence.

Leverage the vast talent and diverse resource pool within our community.

Reinforce the sense of belonging to the school and our community.

Provide practical opportunities to learn and refine networking and presentation skills.

Explore, research, and pursue areas of personal interest.

Bolster motivation for the future and new pursuits.


How it Works

Our programme begins before a student enters St. Michael’s College School, continues in the classroom, and follows him throughout his life --- long after graduation.

SMCS Ambassador talking to some prospective students during an Open House

The programme is rooted in the Basilian tradition of preparing young men for lives of faith, character, and service.

It is comprised of five elements:


SMCS ambassadors assisting younger students into their blazer for the first time.

The first mentorship opportunity is for both prospective and new students. It is administered through the Admissions Department and includes mentorship opportunities via Shadow Days, Open Houses, Fairs, and Events.

Student to Student

SMCS student-leader helping a younger student find his bus for camp

Select current students are paired with new students to provide guidance and encouragement. This component is administered by the Student Affairs Department and includes mentorship opportunities via Outdoor Experiential Education, Student Government, and Prefects.

Alumnus to Student

Past graduates (alumni) and the school community share their knowledge, life experience and professional network with current students through structured on-campus or off-campus educational interactions.

The Student Affairs Department and Community and Learning Partnerships facilitate this opportunity.

Alumnus-Athlete to Student-Athlete

Alumnus Nathan Chiarlitti talking with current SMCS students.

Former student athletes (alumni) share their experience, provide support and encouragement to current student athletes on managing both present and future academic and athletic goals. This component is facilitated by the Athletics Department and Community and Learning Partnerships.

Alumnus to Alumnus

Past graduates support each other through a variety of networking events and opportunities. Alumni Affairs through the Advancement Department and the SMCS Alumni Association facilitate this initiative.

An SMCS alumni networking event.


“In order to be a mentor, and an effective one, one must care.”

Maya Angelou

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John Walsh '73

John Walsh '73

Titles: Manager of Community & Learning Partnerships
Phone Numbers:
School: 416-653-3180 ext. 177

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