Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department at St. Michael’s College School is one part of the constellation of care provided for each student in the school.

At a glance, Student Affairs is a place where students receive the assistance they need to help navigate the complexities of their academic and personal lives. Whether it be academic counselling or learning strategies, Student Affairs directly assists in the development of the whole student.

St. Michael's College School students in the Odette Library, Student Affairs Department.

Made up of the Guidance Department, the Learning Enrichment Centre, and the Odette Library Learning Commons, the Student Affairs Department works as a team to ensure that each student at the school is adequately prepared for life at St. Michael’s College School and after graduation. The Student Affairs Department helps students achieve a successful career at St. Michael's College School, while preparing them academically, emotionally, and socially for university education. The department provides quality personal, informational, and technical resources for each student to develop a personal, effective, and relevant plan for success.

In supporting student success, we provide guidance and counselling for the three major transitions faced by students. The first transition is the arrival of students from elementary school to high school, then come their learning and life at the school while preparing for university, and finally their transition from high school to university. The Student Affairs team is made up of Guidance counsellors, learning strategies specialists, and resources experts who work together according to the aforementioned three major stages in students’ lives. The constellation of care values and respects the talents and personalities of each student, while providing timely and accurate services for their settlement, stay, and contribution to the life of St. Michael’s College School. Support is always available for students as they move from one stage to the next. This support may be delivered in the form of timely and accurate information, a wide range of services, and activities that engage students in the learning process within and beyond the classroom.

The delivery of student services and programmes is based on a number of critical ingredients, including character, citizenship, collaboration, community, creativity, and critical thinking, which form the foundation of the global competencies required for success in the 21st century. Working as partners in each student’s education, counsellors and teachers embrace a Deep Learning pedagogical approach to education that includes inquiry-based learning along with high expectations, a global view, leadership, ethical living, the inherent worth of the individual, and the conviction that students can and must participate actively in their own growth and development.