The St. Michael's College School Guidance Department serves students in Grades 7-12. Its goal is to help students succeed at St. Michael's College School and prepare for post-secondary education.

To accomplish this, it provides personal, informative and technical resources so each student can develop a successful and relevant plan.

A student meets with his Guidance Counsellor at St. Michael's College School.

Students may arrange appointments with their Guidance Counsellor by sending them a message through Edsby. Students are asked to include the name of their day 1 homeroom teacher, lunch period, and study period if applicable. Students will be sent a message with the date and time of their appointment. Blue appointment slips will be distributed to students by their homeroom teacher on the morning of their scheduled appointment.

Students may also speak directly to the counsellor. Most appointments will be arranged within 48 hours of the original request, peak periods excepted. Students are asked to speak to their assigned counsellor for academic counselling, however, students may see any counsellor when dealing with personal matters.

Staff Member Email Students Ext.
Grade 7 & 8 Students      
Ms. Hogan A - K 343
Mrs. Callaghan L -  Z 344
Grade 9 - 12 Students      
Ms. O'Grady A - Dib 123
Mr. Carcasole Dic - Let 198
Mrs. Higgins Burnham Leu- R 149
Mr. Shaughnessy S - Z 353

Parents are kindly asked to call counsellors directly when requesting an appointment. Students are to plan appointments during free time [ie. lunch, study hall, after school]. Students may not miss any quiz, test or exam due to a regularly scheduled guidance appointment. Students are asked to present the appointment slip to the classroom teacher before formal instruction commences so as to avoid any disruption of the lesson. Students are to present the guidance appointment slip to the teacher upon re-entry into the classroom at the first appropriate moment.

The Guidance Department offers an array of services, including academic and personal counselling, peer tutoring, testing services and post-secondary resources.

For more information about the Guidance Department, please contact Mrs. Lynette Fernandes, Guidance Assistant, at 416-653-3180 ext. 241 or

Guidance Department Fax: 416-653-5901.