Learning Enrichment Centre

The Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) understands the science behind how boys learn and they strive to support the growth, unique development needs, and success of SMCS students at every stage with special attention to “executive functioning;” referring specifically to organization, time management, learning behaviours, and study skills.

In cases where students demonstrate significant academic issues with the academic programme, the student will be referred to TEAM, a process whereby administration, guidance counsellors, and learning enrichment (LEC) teachers review student progress from various perspectives. Weekly TEAM conferences address student issues with the necessary urgency to allow for immediate action.

The Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) at St. Michael's College School in Toronto.

The LEC is a vital component of the Student Affairs Department at St. Michael’s College School. Working in collaboration with parents, teachers, and counsellors; the Learning Enrichment team offers support to students with varying individual needs and abilities with respect to learning readiness, background, interests, talents, and learning profile. Learning Enrichment teachers understand the differing strengths and needs of each student. Students may face diverse challenges and the Learning Enrichment team offers accommodations to students keeping in mind their individual strengths and challenges.

The Learning Enrichment team provides teachers with detailed background information so they can assist each student to achieve success; while providing academic support for students in an inviting, multipurpose facility, with access to computers, and quiet workspaces.

Identified Learning Needs

Students with identified learning needs are supported through I.E.P development and communication with with the LEC, their classroom teachers, and parents. The LEC teachers will connect families with community services to support specific learning exceptionalities.

Individual Educations Plans or IEP’s are developed for boys who have psycho-educational assessments, or a medical diagnosis that identifies them as exceptional learners.

Documentation must be provided from a recent educational psychologist or medical professional, describing the identified exceptionality, the necessary support, and accommodations that are required.

Support Strategies

  • Learning Skills Workshops
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership and Mentorship programmes
  • Testing for Students with Accommodations
  • Concussion/Illness recovery Support