SMCSPA Constitution

The St. Michael’s College School Parents’ Association is dedicated to creating a partnership between the parents of students and the St. Michael’s College School community.

Article - I Name

a) The organization shall be known as “The St. Michael’s College School Parents’ Association”, hereinafter called the “Association”.

b) The St. Michael’s community refers to students, parents, teachers, the school administration, alumni and benefactors.

Article II - Membership

All parents who have sons attending St. Michael’s are deemed to be members of the Association.

Article III - Objectives

The objectives of the Association are as follows:

a) To engage in activities as may be deemed necessary and as approved by the school administration, to assist the students.

b) To maintain an active association of parents whose sons are current students at St. Michael’s College School.

c) To facilitate closer liaison between the St. Michael’s community for the benefit of the students therein and St. Michael’s College School.

d) To provide spiritual educational and social activities for the St. Michael’s community.

e) To address with the administration issues of importance to parents and students and to make appropriate recommendations to the school administration regarding these issues.

f) To maintain a treasury through student assessments and fundraising activities to participate in the above objectives.

Article IV (a) - Members

The Association will be administered by:

Position Term President elected annually May not serve longer than two consecutive years

Vice President 1st Elected Annually

Vice President 2nd Elected Annually

Treasurer Elected Annually

Secretary Elected Annually

Directors-at-Large Elected Annually

Immediate Past President

Alumni Liaison Appointed by Principal

Faculty Moderator Appointed by Principal.

Article IV (b) - Members of the Executive

a) The Executive will consist of the President, 1st and 2nd Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

b) In addition to the 5 members of the Executive there will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 Directors-at-Large.

c) The Executive will also include the Immediate Past President, Alumni Liaison and Faculty Moderator, bringing the total number of the Executive to a maximum of 18 members.

Article V - The Office and Meetings

a) The executive shall meet on a regular basis as deemed by the Executive and whenever necessary, but at a minimum of 4 times per academic year.

b) Each member of the Executive shall have one vote for any matter that is voted on. A simple majority is required to pass any motion. The President, in his of her capacity as chair at an Executive meeting, receives a second vote only in the event of a tie.

c) A quorum of seven members is required to convene a meeting of the Executive, which shall include the president or one of the two vice-presidents.

d) The Executive shall hold office until the Annual General Meeting (the AGM), which is to be held annually during the month of May. Elections for the new Executive will be held at this AGM, with all members of the Association being eligible to vote.

e) A transitional Executive meeting shall be held in June each year, to acquaint the newly-elected Executive.

f) Vacancies occurring in the Executive prior to commencement of the school year of during the term of office may be filled my majority vote of the Executive.

Article VI - Duties of the Executive

The Executive shall perform their respective duties as follows:


  • To act as Chair for all Executive, general and annual meetings.
  • To prepare an agenda and to direct the affairs of the Association.
  • To be an ex-officio member of all standing committees.
  • To be, together with the faculty moderator, the official link with the school administration.
  • To provide the continuity of the administration and functioning of the Association.
  • The president, on consultation with and approval from the Executive, shall appoint the chairs to the standing committees.
  • Co-sign all legal documents of the Association together with the secretary and the school Principal.

Immediate Past President

  • To assist the president in the performance of his or her duties.

First Vice President

  • To assist the president in the performance of his or her duties.
  • To act for the president in his or her absence.

Second Vice President

  • To assist the first vice president in the performance of his or her duties.
  • To act for the first vice president in his or her absence.


  • Shall keep an accurate account of all business transacted at the annual general meeting and at all Executive meetings.
  • Draft and carry on the correspondence at the meetings.
  • Sign all correspondence as instructed by the Executive.
  • Report all correspondence at the meetings.
  • Attend to all correspondence as instructed by the Executive.
  • Co-sign all legal documents of the Association together with the president and the school Principal.


  • Responsible for the safe control of all the funds.
  • Attend to all financial matters and affairs.
  • Maintain proper bank accounts and records of the Association as required for audit.
  • Prepare and present a financial statement at every Executive and general meeting.
  • Prepare and submit to the Executive an annual budget.
  • Ensure all Association cheques are signed by the president or first vice president, and the treasurer or secretary in the absence of the treasurer.

Faculty Moderator

  • The faculty moderator shall be a staff member of the school, appointed by the principal.
  • Shall attend all Executive meetings and general and annual meetings of members.
  • Shall appoint a representative in the event of his or her absence from any meeting.
  • In the event the faculty moderator is not a Basilian Father, a spiritual director shall be assigned to the Association.

Alumni Association Liaison

  • Shall be an alumnus of St. Michael’s College School.
  • Ensure co-operation and a harmonious relationship between the Parents' Association and the Alumni Association.

Article VII - Committees

The Executive shall form as many committees as the directors deem appropriate, to assist the Executive in the management of the Association. These committees will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • School Liaison Liase with administration to address and resolve issues of importance to parents and students, including curriculum, textbooks, staffing, school policies, and extra curricular academic activities.
  • Spiritual Host parent spiritual functions which may include communion breakfasts and parent retreats.
  • Educational Liaise with administration concerning, award and university evening and graduation.
  • Social Organize and host social functions sponsored by the Association, which may include dinners, dances, and parent evenings.
  • Fundraising may include fashion show and others as desired.
  • Communications responsible for telephone and written communications from the Association to all parents and liaison with other school Parent Associations.

Committees will be administered as follows:

a) A member of the executive will sit on all committees.

b) Committees will have a chair appointed by the president.

c) The chair of such a standing committee can be any member of the Executive or general membership at large.

d) The make and size of a standing committee is the discretion of it’s chair.

e) Committee chairpersons must submit the names of their committee members to the president for approval.

Article VIII - Amendments to the Constitution

Any amendments to the Constitution will be drafted in conjunction with the school administration, and put forward to the Association at the AGM on the basis of a two-third’s majority recommendation by the Executive.