Daily Update - Wednesday, December 12

Dear St. Michael’s College School Community,

In an effort to remain fully transparent, we will continue to send daily emails to keep you informed of the school’s actions and next steps. 

Student Affairs
The Student Affairs Department has added a new resource to support student inquiry into issues surrounding mental health and wellness. With both the blessing and funding of the SMCS Parents' Association, students and staff now have access to the Gale Cengage ‘Teen Mental Health’ e-book collection. 

This database contains e-books aimed at teens, covering topics like bullying, anxiety, substance abuse, relationships, depression, and more. While the school library has books on many of these topics, the e-book collection allows students to have confidential access to accurate information with complete privacy.   

The Student Affairs Department plans to work in tandem with the SMCS Student Wellness team to promote the e-book collection, and will work with teachers to create opportunities to embed these resources into the curriculum.