5 Fast Facts: SMCS Alumni Networking Event

With a vibrant and engaged alumni group, representing a wide range of professions and levels of experience, the SMCS Alumni Association introduced the bi-annual Alumni Networking Event which began in August 2016 to enhance and build relationships within its alumni community.

The next SMCS Alumni Networking event on May 7, 2019, features Ms. Susan Motkaluk, an accomplished executive coach, former CEO and Board Advisor. She will provide tips and insight on the essential skills needed for effective networking.

Learn more about the SMCS Alumni Networking Event here.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Held twice a year and hosted by the SMCS Alumni Association. 
  2. Connects SMCS alumni and provides networking opportunities to recent graduates of the school. 
  3. Focuses on connecting alumni for general networking, job opportunities, professional school applications, and general mentoring. 
  4. Keynote speaker presents at each event. 
  5. Approximately 80-100 alumni attend per event.

Alumni Networking Events are part of the Mentorship Programme at SMCS. As such, the school provides opportunities for various types of mentorship engagement including: student to student (Student Affairs), alumnus to student (Alumni Affairs), athlete to student athlete (Athletic Department), alumnus to alumnus (Alumni Affairs), and teacher to student (Student Affairs).

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