A successful virtual connection for Alumni

An evening of positivity and support can best describe the launch of the first-ever St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) online Alumni Information Series on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.  

The event was the result of the collaborative efforts of the SMCS Alumni Association and the school’s Advancement Office as a way to reformat the bi-annual Networking evenings.  

SMCS Alumni Information Series was a successful virtual connection of alumni over Zoom.

“We wanted to secure an avenue for alumni to come together, share information, and connect with the school,” says Kimberley Bailey, SMCS Director of Advancement. “The discussion was very informative and allowed alumni to ask questions and offer support.” 

The inaugural event began with SMCS Alumni Association President John P. O’Neill ’86, logging in from Dallas, TX, to welcome guest speaker SMCS Principal, Jamie McKinnon.  A wide range of alumni from 1957 to 2010 participated in the Zoom session. 

Participants on the hour-long online session also learned about the technology that SMCS is utilizing during the pandemic from both a student and faculty perspective. “We are very thankful that Mr. McKinnon was able to join us,” says O’Neill. “Our discussion around the school’s transition to online learning and what the future may hold was a valuable update for the alumni of all ages on the call. St. Michael’s is in good hands.” 

Mr. McKinnon speaks at the SMCS Alumni Information Series, a successful virtual connection.

Mr. Jamie McKinnon, SMCS Principal, first guest of the Alumni Information Series.

“In this unbelievably disjointed time of personal and social upheaval I found the first virtual alumni information session helped me connect to the St. Michael's College School community,” says Larry Colle ’69. “SMCS's innovative educational strategies necessitated by the pandemic will also help each one of us see what is possible in our new daily living.” 

Don Bannan '66

John P. O'Neill '86

Peter Thurton '80

An anonymous survey at the end of the session provided insight that there is a great need for this connection among the Alumni Association. Every participant appreciated the valuable information that was shared and everyone expressed interest in attending the next Alumni Information Series session.  

The Alumni Association is to host the next session in June and address the topic of entrepreneurship during a pandemic. 

Alumni are welcome to submit their ideas for future topics to Stephanie Nicholls, Alumni & Special Events Officer at nicholls@smcsmail.com.