Alumni Information Series: Employment Law 101

The St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Alumni Association is hosting the final 2020 edition of the Alumni Information Series: Employment Law 101 on Wednesday, December 16.  

SMCS Alumnus Anthony Panacci will speak at an Alumni Information Series event.

Panelist Anthony Panacci ’05 will join moderator Matt Montemurro ’05, Alumni Association Vice President, for the fifth edition of the series. Panacci will discuss the fundamental topics of hiring, contracts, and terminations.  All alumni are encouraged to join to learn more about how employment law impacts them. 

“This is a very important topic. As an entrepreneur, I am grateful that Anthony Panacci will be joining us to discuss employment law for businesses,” says John P. O’Neill ’86, Alumni Association President. “I look forward to Anthony sharing his expertise with the Alumni Association.”  

Panacci is a lawyer with Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP, one of Canada’s highest-ranking boutique law firms specializing in management-side labour and employment law. The law firm advises employers on all aspects of employment relationships. 

“We look forward to providing invaluable insight into employment law for alumni who are business owners, those that hope to be, and those who wish to increase their knowledge,” says Montemurro.  “Insights here will help you structure your business for success as you plan into the future.”

Matt Montemurro, SMCS alumnus speaks at an Alumni Information Series event

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