Alumni Information Series - The Future of Real Estate in Toronto

Real estate never seems to fade as a conversation piece and is often filled with diverse opinions. Add in the realities of a global pandemic and the potential interest grows.

So begins the conversation for the sixth edition of the St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Alumni Information Series on Wednesday, March 3, at 7 p.m.

The Alumni Association is excited to welcome back classmates from the Class of 2000, D’Arcy McConvey and Adrian Rocca to discuss the future of real estate in Toronto.

SMCS Alumni Information Series guests D’Arcy McConvey and Adrian Rocca

D’Arcy McConvey '00 and Adrian Rocca '00 will discuss the future of real estate in Toronto at the upcoming St. Michael's College School Alumni Information Series.

“Our goal is to help with the watercooler office chatter by bringing real-time real estate insights to alumni and discuss what’s next for the Toronto real estate market,” says McConvey. “Real estate is relevant to almost everyone, and in many cases makes up a significant percentage of personal expenditure and asset base. Whether you are an owner, renter, buyer, or seller, real estate touches all of us in one way or another.”

McConvey’s background is a winding path that took him from professional hockey to investment banking, entrepreneurship, and now real estate. He is the Executive Director of Capital Markets at Greybrook Realty Partners where he focuses on real estate private equity.

Rocca is the CEO of Fitzrovia Real Estate, a vertically integrated asset manager. Previously, he served as the Head of Tricon Luxury Residences Canada, Tricon Capital’s purpose-built apartment platform and Tricon Lifestyle Communities, a manufactured housing business in the U.S.

The panelists bring their extensive real estate knowledge on topics such as the population growth within the GTA and surrounding areas and how condo and rental buildings are meeting the demand, to how developers are creating communities and lifestyles within their buildings.

“The pandemic has been very difficult for so many people, and we are doing our best to bring insights and expertise to help our alumni during this time,” says Stephanie Nicholls, Alumni Officer at SMCS. “Real estate has become a very popular topic for our alumni as witnessed by the many questions we have already received for D’Arcy and Adrian. Understanding the realities of the pandemic have changed the lives of many, we are looking for a variety of ways to help and are grateful to both D’Arcy and Adrian for joining us and sharing their insights.”

Alumni are invited to register to join in the discussion on March 3 at 7 p.m. Questions for Adrian and D'Arcy can be forwarded to Stephanie Nicholls at

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