Annual Double Blue Campaign: I am grateful because…

This year, as the world has been turned upside down by COVID-19, St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) has been fortunate to continue the tradition of the Basilian Fathers – to educate young men in Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.

Our passion for and commitment to the well-being of our students is unwavering. SMCS is blessed with a very supportive community that believes in the school’s mission and the students in our care. The Annual Double Blue Campaign is one way in which the SMCS community can directly support both current and future SMCS students.

SMCS Double Blue Campaign - Photo of the front of the school in the winter

For this reason, I am grateful because …

Of the St. Michael’s community’s continued support and generosity throughout the years. Since 2001, the Annual Double Blue Campaign has been raising funds to help offset a portion of the school’s annual expenses that are not covered by tuition revenues.

I am grateful because …

Every day I work within a community where dreams are made real. Students are able to attend a school that they might be financially unreachable thanks to the Financial Assistance Programme. It is our community that supports the programme with donations from the Double Blue Campaign.

I am grateful because …

The Double Blue Campaign has raised approximately $2.98 million for the school since 2001. These funds have been used for financial assistance, arts, clubs, activities, and sports. The support and generosity of the SMCS community are greatly appreciated.

During our current pandemic, there is so much we can be grateful for, not only as a school community but also as individuals.

As the Director of Advancement (Kimberley Bailey), I am grateful because I have met so many students, parents, alumni, and friends of the school over my 23 years. I am amazed at the commitment of our community to the Annual Double Blue Campaign. Their support helps to ensure we can continue to fulfill the Basilian Fathers' mission of educating young men.

Join us in support of current and future SMCS students through the 2020-21 Double Blue Campaign.

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