'Brother' Schools Set to Face-Off: Basil Bowl

School spirit will likely be running at full-throttle when the puck drops on the 11th Basil Bowl this weekend! The competition promises to be intense too, especially since one of the opponents is the defending Michigan state D1 hockey champion.

Basil Bowl weekend kicks off in the St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) arena with a double-header pitting the junior and senior hockey teams against their counterparts from Detroit Catholic Central (DCC), a Basilian brother school located in Novi, Michigan. 

Basilian Basil Bowl logo

Introduced in 2009, the Basil Bowl tradition was established as a way to regularly gather the three Basilian schools in North America --- St. Thomas High School is located in Houston, Texas --- through athletics.

“What has been interesting to note is how comfortably the students from the two other Basilian schools in the United States interact with their brother school up north,” says Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB, President of SMCS. “It seems if students were transplanted from St. Thomas to Catholic Central, or vice versa and to SMCS, their adjustment would be fine and they would just fit right in. It is the same thing with SMCS going to Catholic Central or St. Thomas. Except perhaps for the climate issue!”

On this occasion, they will be playing indoors! Both DCC teams will face-off again against the senior and junior Upper Canada College teams at UCC on Saturday.

SMCS Basil Bowl hockey teams face off in the arena.

The weekend of festivities also includes a mass and dinner for all participants --- a face-to-face opportunity for students from both schools to engage in fellowship and friendship. 

“These kinds of gatherings are important because it showcases the Basilian charism,” adds Fr. Leung. “All three schools were founded by the Basilian Fathers, and still have Basilian Fathers in administration, teaching, or coaching. It emphasizes that Catholicity is practiced locally but also universally. Our faith tradition is the same regardless of a border or different cultures. The motto that all three high schools ascribe to --- ‘Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge’--- is practiced every day in these schools.”

SMCS Basil Bowl teams gather for mass in the gym.

Basil Bowl 2020 schedule:

Jan. 10 at St. Michael’s College School (Hockey)
1 p.m. Juniors - DCC @ SMCS 
3 p.m. Seniors - DCC @ SMCS

Jan. 11 at Upper Canada College (Hockey)

Jan. 23 at Detroit Catholic Central (Basketball)

Read about the history of the Basil Bowl here.