Career Day 2020: Reflections

From a serial entrepreneur who made his first million at 22, to the manager of a newly-opened 55,000 square-foot food emporium in the heart of downtown Toronto, lawyers working in real estate, labour, corporate, and foreign investment law, to an actor, clinical psychologist, and more. Grade 11 students at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) heard from an eclectic mix of professionals bringing with them an array of backgrounds and experiences during Career Day 2020.

Guest presenters at SMCS Career Day 2020.

Career Day 2020 at SMCS featured 15 guest presenters, including nine alumni and  five women, from a range of professions.

In all, 15 presenters shared their personal journeys, career paths, and provided plenty of food for thought to more than 190 Grade 11 students. Many of the invited guests, which included nine SMCS alumni and five women, participated in their first Career Day experience at SMCS.

Here are some of their reflections:

A guest presenter introduces SMCS Career Day 2020

Class of 1993 graduate Luciano Volpe addresses students at Career Day 2020. He has been helping to organize the annual event since 2002.

RONEN BENIN - Founder and CEO, Avail, Healthcare, Mental Health

“Our youth are our future. It was important for me to inspire our next generation of leaders to follow their own path and not worry about what anybody else says or thinks.

I remember pressure. Pressure to do well in school, in sports, and in my side endeavours. As soon as I put the worst-case scenario in perspective, however, everything became easier to manage.

As long as you’re doing things to make the world around you better (aka ‘having impact’), everything else will fall into place.”

The keynote speaker at SMCS Career Day 2020

Keynote speaker Ronen Benin, President and CEO of Avail, addresses more than 190 Grade 11 students.

DEBBIE SALZBERGER - Lawyer/Partner, McCarthy Tetrault  LLP

“I think it’s important to give students a sense of the breadth of opportunities available to them, to explain that there is no singular path, and there is no one definition of success. 

Consistent with the themes discussed today, I remember being inspired by opportunities to have an impact, make a difference, and contribute positively to improving the community.”

A breakout session during SMCS Career Day 2020

Michael Gritti ’10 (pictured right), a physician at the Hospital for Sick Children, participated in his first Career Day at SMCS.

MICHAEL GRITTI ’10 - Doctor, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

“St. Michael’s started me on the trajectory that led me to where I am today in both medicine and life. Giving back is the least I could do. 

I remember taking home the feeling that a St. Michael’s grad could do anything. Ten years later, I’m only more confident about that fact. 

Dream bigger than the guy sitting beside you. Have confidence in yourself because, believe it or not, you already have all the tools to take you anywhere you could go.”

A breakout session during SMCS Career Day 2020

Presenter Jackie Dalimonte, General Manager, Eataly, was among five women to present at Career Day 2020.

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