Career Day: At a Glance

Job. Profession. Occupation. Vocation.  Whatever the term used, one thing is for certain, it is never too early to contemplate the future path and pinpoint career options --- especially for high school students.

If that process can include the wisdom and perspective of working professionals from a vast array of industries and life experiences --- even better.

Career Day at SMCS

Enter Career Day at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS), an annual event dedicated to listening, learning, meeting, and reflecting about future work options.

Here are some fast facts about the SMCS Career Day:

Grade 11 students Target Audience
2005 First Career Day at SMCS (in its modern day form)
194 Number of students participating
16 Total number of male and female guest presenters
9 Number of invited alumni guest presenters
8 Number of industries represented by guest speakers/presenters:
Medicine, Law, Arts, Human Resources, Entrepreneurism, Business, Marketing, and Culinary Arts
1 Keynote speaker

Grade 11 Career Day takes place on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at St. Michael’s College School.

Click here to see the event programme.

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