Fired up! SMCS Alumni Spring Reunion & BBQ

As part of a rich history of community and relationship-building, alumni of St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) have multiple opportunities each year to gather together.  The SMCS Alumni Spring Reunion & BBQ is one of them.

The annual event, which has been running for well over a decade, usually takes place in late May. This year, it will convene graduating classes from the last 10 years. What better way to connect with old friends than by enjoying some burgers and cold beverages!

“It is one of the many vehicles we use to keep our graduates active within the SMCS community,” says Frank Di Nino ’80, SMCSAA Past President. “The Spring Reunion &  BBQ gives our grads the opportunity to reestablish old friendships and make new ones. It gives the returning alumni the sense that they are still an important part of the SMCS community and hopefully will motivate them to remain active as an SMCS alumnus,” he says. 

Frank Di Nino ’80 

Di Nino adds, “The camaraderie and esprit du corps at the Reunion & BBQ is amazing. A lot of graduates are studying out of town and opportunities to get together in a relaxed social environment is not easy when you are in different cities.”

Recent graduate Alex Mayhew ’14 says he has attended at least four BBQs, “Although each one is similar, who you connect with is different each time. That Grade 9 student who was in your cabin on your trip in early September, guess what, he’s graduated now and could be at this very event.”

Alexander Mayhew, Masters of Architecture Student at the University of Calgary

Graduates like Mayhew, can easily opt to stay connected with SMCS friends through social media, however, for him it’s about seeing people face-to-face --- which is the most impactful.

“Social media can keep you updated on each other’s lives but at a reunion event you can find out how they got there. Keeping in contact with one another isn’t about the job today, but about the opportunities tomorrow.”

Alex Alberelli ’12 in his SMCS Grade 12 yearbook photo.

Alex Alberelli ’12 is also curious about what attending the Spring Reunion & BBQ may bring. He considers it as a powerful networking tool.

The SMCS Alumni Spring Reunion & BBQ on Thursday, May 30, 2019, will host graduating years 2008-2018.