Learning Today in order to Lead Tomorrow

Among the more than 50 clubs and activities offered at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) is one of the school’s newest, the Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow Club.

“Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to connect with real business professionals, network, learn, and gain exposure into the world of business that they may have not otherwise had,” says Dr. Daniel Lumsden, club moderator and teacher at SMCS.

Grade 12 student, Darren Ibrahim came up with the idea to start the club, which has also allowed him to enhance his leadership skills in the process.

“My time as student moderator of this club has taught me important lessons in organization and the importance of connecting with business professionals,” says Ibrahim. “I’ve realized the impact that this club has had on its members, giving them opportunities to connect with business professionals and explore service-based learning.”

The Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow Club at St. Michael's College School with guest speaker Tania Carnegie.

“I wanted to help students connect with professionals in the business world so we can be better prepared for post-secondary education and the working world,” says Ibrahim. “There is also a strong connection to the accounting curriculum, where students are now applying the theory in the real world.”

The Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow Club has quickly become a popular co-curricular activity with 56 students involved from Grades 9-12. They meet every Thursday to share resources, set goals, and take action on local and global issues of interest.

On November 27, the club welcomed their first two guest speakers of the year.  Tania Carnegie, a chief catalyst of the Impact Ventures practice at KPMG Canada and Ozench Ibrahim, a banking partner in the financial services practice, also at KPMG Canada, visited SMCS to discuss their experiences in business and the importance of having a social impact.

In January, club members will visit KPMG’s Toronto office to learn more about the accounting industry and the different career opportunities available.

“Anytime our students are able to connect with leaders in the business industry, it only benefits them as they move forward with their education and in their careers,” says Lumsden.