ParenTalks: Supporting Your Son in a Digital Learning World

In response to feedback received directly from current St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) parents, the school’s Student Affairs and Community and Learning Partnerships departments recently organized an additional edition of ParenTalks.

ParenTalks is an ongoing initiative aimed at supporting student mental health and wellness via in-person or online conversations with guest experts, and rooted in evidence-based research.

The second ParenTalks held in May focused on: Supporting Your Son with Tips for Learning Success in the Summer, Online, and Beyond: A Conversation.

A digital-first focus since the onset of the global pandemic has meant technology and how it is used for a variety of purposes --- notably as an educational tool --- will continue to grow in importance while school buildings remain closed.

Zoom participants of the bonus live webcast of ParenTalks on online and digital learning.

A three-member panel of experts in the fields of digital literacy, education, and medicine (mental health) explored a host of questions, including:

  • Motivation, engagement, and participation in various activities over the summer 
  • Keeping skills sharp over the summer 
  • Preparing for September 
  • Success in online learning 
  • The future of digital learning

Panelists also answered questions posed live by registered participants during the 60-minute Zoom webinar.

Watch past ParenTalks livestream recordings here.