Paying it Forward: Alumni Initiative

Giving back to the St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) community is an honour most alumni won’t hesitate to volunteer for. On Thursday, May 23 they will once again have a chance to support our community.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni will take part in the Grade 12 Blessing & Commissioning year-end mass --- the final one for the 2019 graduates.

This year, there is a new addition. Several alumni have volunteered their time to welcome the Grade 12 students into the alumni community --- showing them what it means to be part of a tradition which spans over 167 years. This initiative was led by the SMCS Alumni Association. 

Carlo De Pellegrin in his SMCS 1966 graduating yearbook photo

Carlo De Pellegrin, OSM ’66 believes, “It is important that the current students and graduates understand that there is a huge alumni base that has gone through the yellow brick buildings for over 165 years, before them --- the huge majority of which benefitted greatly from the Basilian education and went on to become leaders in society and in the Church.”

The events of November further underscored the importance of the SMCS community. Alumni understand that the students need their support now more than ever.

John O’Neill in his SMCS 1986 graduating yearbook photo

It’s more important to give back especially after what has occurred this year in order to show everyone that a single terrible incident does not and will not define our school past, present, or future,” says John O’Neill ’86, President of the Alumni Association.

Don Bannan in his SMCS 1966 graduating yearbook photo

Donald Bannan ’66 adds, “It was time for me as a former student, parent, and active participant in the school to step up and express that St. Michael’s is a caring school." Bannan, who has a son currently at the school continues, “SMCS has always been a caring environment but now it is a time to revisit and refine the culture of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge and to live unified as a group!”

Bannan, along with a handful of alumni from a variety of years, will actively participate in the Grade 12 Blessing & Commissioning Mass.

“I believe St. Michael’s is a safe loving place for students who are willing to give to the school and community! I see this through my son in Grade 11 and many boys and teachers I know personally! We are proud to be St. Michael’s men!”

On May 23, 2019, Grade 12 students, along with their classmates in grades 7-11, will be part of the Grade 12 Blessing & Commissioning year-end mass ---  leading into exams and graduation.