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Powering Up in the Blue Pixels Video Game Club

Only two years in, yet it should still come as no surprise that the St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Blue Pixels Video Game Club is one of the school’s most popular after-school activities.

With over 100 members (more than 10% of the SMCS student population), the club reaches every grade level and nearly every video game interest.

SMCS students playing Nintendo Switch in the Blue Pixels Video Game Club.

The Blue Pixels Video Game Club is grateful for the generosity of the SMCS Parents’ Association and an anonymous donor for purchasing all of their gaming systems.

The idea to form the club came from a small group of students who approached the school’s administration looking for a space to play video games and socialize with their friends after school. Many of these students were already securing their own space to play on their phones or other devices after school while waiting for their parents.

“The Blue Pixels Video Game Club was an instant hit with students who were looking for a way to share a hobby they were passionate about,” says Andrew Kiel ’09, one of the club’s co-moderators and the Coordinator of Clubs and Activities at SMCS. “We provide a safe and welcoming space for students to socialize and meet other students. From a gaming perspective, it does not matter if they are experienced or simply trying out a new game for the first time.”

The club officially meets two times each week, on Wednesdays and Fridays, for an hour and a half. Laughter and cheering quickly fill the room as the students play various Mario games on the Nintendo Switch as well as several sports games on the PlayStation 4.

SMCS students playing Nintendo Switch in the Blue Pixels Video Game Club.

Members of the Blue Pixels Video Game Club meet after school on Wednesdays and Fridays to make friends, socialize, and try out new games at St. Michael's College School.

"The club provides a place for me to play on Fridays with my friends and make new friends,” says Eddie Teng, a Grade 7 student. “I am also able to improve my gaming skills, so that is fun!"

The club caters to students of all ages and interests and is inclusive to everyone, encouraging strategy building, collaboration, and teamwork. 

"The Blue Pixels is a great after-school activity and it allows us to bond as a community,” says Nicholas Marchant, a Grade 10 student. “It is a great way to meet friends, even if it’s just for a game or two. We are very friendly and anyone is welcome."

St. Michael’s College School offers more than 50 after-school clubs and activities that support academic, artistic, athletic, and many more interests. Find a list of the programmes currently offered at SMCS here.