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Quick Tips on finding success when starting a new school year

St. Michael's College School students studying in the library.


  1. Be organized 
    • Ensure you have everything you need for your school uniform and it is in good condition
    • Get the school supplies you need 
    • Commit to following your school schedule and build personal schedules to meet your deadlines
    • Establish both school and home routines to meet homework requirements, proper nutrition, and a reasonable bedtime
    • Be sure to connect with your counsellor or the Learning Enrichment Centre and discuss strategies for success
    • Consult the Student Handbook for success found in the Learning Centre and the front counter of Guidance

  2. Rest, rest, rest! 
    • Prioritizing rest is critical to student success
    • With a good rest, you will wake up energized and reduce your chance of illness

  3. Eat well and exercise
    • With a healthy body comes a healthy mind, so find time to exercise regularly
    • Make sure to plan for and eat a daily nutritious breakfast before coming to school 

  4. Set realistic goals for each subject area using SMART goals and don’t over-focus on grades
    • Specific 
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic 
    • Timely

  5. Get involved in the life of the school with the goal of being well-rounded in your co-curricular commitments

  6. Be positive and manage your stress 
    • Positive thinking affects learning and helps build relationships between students and with teachers
    • Staying positive will help build self-confidence and better manage your workload 


  • Homework is the student’s responsibility
  • Establish family rules that focus on school commitments, homework, communication, etc.
  • Avoid over-involvement in after school activities and let your son take full ownership over his school commitments 
  • Prioritize and optimize time with your son