SMCS Activities Expo - Fast Facts

The St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) cafeteria will be serving more than food on Thursday, September 26 --- between 2 and 3 p.m., the space will be transformed into our annual Activities Expo.

SMCS Milk Bag Mat group meet to weave mats out of milk bags for developing countries

St. Michael's College School (SMCS) Milk Bag Mat Group work together weave mats out of milk bags for developing countries.

“We pride ourselves on our co-curricular programming at St. Michael’s,” says Andrew Kiel, the new activities coordinator at SMCS. “The activities and clubs at the expo attract a large number of students yearly and we are ecstatic to see so many students take an interest in life outside of the classroom.”

At the expo, tables will be arranged all around the perimeter of the cafeteria as well as in the centre and will feature representatives from many of the different clubs, teams, and activities offered at SMCS for current students to ask questions and sign up to participate.

SMCS chess club members compete in a tournament

The SMCS Blue Knights Chess Club members competing in a tournament.

Here are some fast facts about the event:

  1. Students and faculty/staff moderators will be available at every table to encourage students to sign up and participate in co-curricular activities.

  2. All students will have the opportunity to connect with moderators from the diverse co-curricular clubs and activities present in a very interactive marketplace setting.

  3. Almost all of the activities offered at SMCS will be present at the Activities Expo.

  4. A few new clubs will make their first appearance at the Expo such as the Board Games Club and Video Games Club.

  5. A wide variety of clubs and activities will be present, encompassing music and arts, languages, intramural athletics, sciences, community service, and more.
SMCS Drumline practicing in the music room

SMCS Drumline practicing in the music room.