SMCS Students Come Together to Give Back

SMCS Students Come Together to Give Back 

The St. Michael’s College School motto of Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge, recognizes that being a good person, in charge and accountable for your own actions, is as important as the knowledge acquired through education.

“We may ask, sometimes rightly, where is the discipline? Where is the goodness?” Mr. John Connelly – Guidance Counsellor and moderator of Student Government St. Michael’s College School.

This past December, leading up to the Christmas break, discipline could be found in the St. Michael’s students who worked tirelessly to move, sort, and lovingly serve hot meals, prepare baskets of food and shoeboxes of toiletries and school supplies for those less fortunate. Goodness could be found, not only in the act of giving itself, but also in the camaraderie and dedication displayed amongst students of all ages as they worked together to help others.

As a result of the hard work and generosity of our students, faculty, and staff, enough food and funds were collected to feed 53 families in the parish boundaries of Holy Rosary Church this past Christmas. There was also enough food left over to donate several baskets to St. Clare’s Parish.

In partnership with Canadian Food for Children, students and their families also donated over 100 Christmas shoeboxes filled with school supplies, soap, toothpaste, and other necessities as well as toys to brighten the lives of those in dire need across the globe.

Students could also be found serving hot meals to Toronto’s homeless this past December, through the Out of the Cold Foundation, an organization originally founded in 1987 at St. Michael’s College School to help the less fortunate members of society. SMCS students will continue to work with Out of the Cold, and have planned visits for the duration of the academic year. 

St. Michael’s is richly blessed by the abundant talents and generosity of its students and their families. Giving back to the community in the service of Christ is about more than upholding a proud tradition; it is fundamental to, and inseparable from, the school’s mission and vision. Our contributions to justice and charity are not about what we do, but rather an integral part of who we are.” – Mr. John Connelly.

This is who we are, and who we will continue to be, and every day we will work a little harder to make sure that the values of discipline and goodness are more visible in our lives, and reflected in how we treat those around us.