University Information Night: On the Agenda

St. Michael's College School's University Information Night 2020 will have a new look and feel when it takes place on Thursday, October 1, 2020 for Grade 11 and 12 students and their families. 

John Connelly, Director of Student Affairs provides some background in this Q&A:

What is the purpose of University Information Night 2020?

University Information Night will give students and parents a foundational understanding of the university application process, key dates, important procedures, and so on. The purpose is to inform upcoming conversations between families and guidance counsellors.

Who is the target audience?

Our target audience includes students in Grades 11 and 12 and their parents and caregivers.

What is new about the event this year?

For reasons of health and safety, University Information Night will be fully virtual.
It will not include visits by university recruitment officials. Unlike our previous University Information Fair, we will be responding in our talks to specific questions posed by students and parents.

SMCS guidance counsellors meeting with students

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Top three takeaways you hope parents leave with?

I’d like parents to sustain broad and fruitful conversations with their sons about what constitutes the best fit for the student.

Parents should leave the webinar with an understanding of the timeline of university admissions and what needs to happen during the Grade 12 year to maximize potential admission offers.

I also hope parents will have some grounding in the regional differences that govern post-secondary admissions (in Ontario versus out-of-province, out-of-country, etc.).

Top three takeaways you would want students to leave with?

I hope students leave with a sense of efficacy and ownership; this is about their future, and I hope they will feel confident enough to navigate the process knowing that caring adults are here to support them.
I hope what students learn will help them to refine (or in some cases expand) their choices. And I’d like this event to form the basis for an ongoing dialogue between each student and his guidance counsellor about making choices and planning for the future.

The SMCS Guidance Department hosts the virtual University Information Night 2020.

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Format and structure for the evening?

Dr. Barry Craig, President of Huron University at Western will deliver a brief keynote address, followed by separate talks by members of the Guidance team.

There will be time in the second half for counsellors to respond to questions posed by students and parents.

Anything else you would like to add?

We in Student Affairs are grateful to the members of our parent community for taking the time to join us for this important and exciting step on their sons’ journey into post-secondary study.

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