Dear St. Michael’s Family,

I have the honour of writing to you today as an alumnus parent, donor, supporter, Order of St. Michael recipient, and now as a member of the Board of Directors of St. Michael's College School.

I am sure that you, as a member of the St. Michael's community, have had an experience of the school similar to mine. The foundation for my life is deeply entrenched in the guidance and education provided to me in my formative years at SMCS. As I have moved forward in my life and as the world around us changes, I value the foundation of goodness, discipline, and knowledge more now than ever before.

SMCS has also taught these same principles to my sons, one currently in Medical School and the other currently in Law School.
It is the direction, discipline, and guidance provided by the SMCS community that have equipped them with the skills and moral fiber to be such successful and outstanding young men.

The influence of greatly devoted teachers, such as Fr. Zinger, CSB, other Basilian Fathers, and lay staff at SMCS, has created for my sons and me a common bond and a strong tradition, one that supports our family moving forward. My sons are also strong supporters of SMCS now as alumni. We hope that one day our future generations will continue to enjoy this same opportunity. We have all become members of a broader family, the SMCS Family.

I encourage all of you to be ambassadors for SMCS and to promote the good work and sound education provided by SMCS to families of young men who are seeking a higher level of learning. It is a threshold for success that parents always wish to give their sons.

In order for the College School to continue to mold future generations according to its motto of Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge, I call upon your assistance for this year’s Annual Double Blue Campaign. As a Board Director, I am fully aware of the good work of St. Michael’s, as well as the requirements needed to carry the College School into the future.

As members of the St. Michael’s Family, we are all truly supporters of SMCS, whether by being a donor, attending an event, or telling friends and acquaintances about the school. We are counting on your support to ensure that this tradition of excellence and foundation for life continue for future generations. Please consider making St. Michael’s College School your charity of choice!

Mr. Nick Di Donato ’76
SMCS Board of Directors